Healthcare Executive Search

Providence Healthcare Group has extensive experience recruiting superior healthcare executives throughout the United States. Our search process encompasses the most effective aspects of a fully retained executive search for a fraction of the cost. Unlike other search firms that charge a percentage of the signed candidate’s starting salary, Providence charges a flat fee. This allows our clients to cap their costs and also adjust the starting salary without affecting the search fee. Our executive search agreement is simple and there are no additional fees or hidden costs.

Providence recognizes that many healthcare organizations are fully capable of conducting their search internally. Unlike other healthcare executive search firms who will not work in conjunction with in-house recruiters, Providence offers a “hybrid” fee structure that provides assistance with the time-consuming aspects of the search such as the screening of initial candidates. This allows an organization to manage the search internally and streamline the recruitment process.

Our leadership team has over 50 years of experience performing a broad range of executive searches. Our experience and expertise enables us to recruit the best candidate for your opportunity in the shortest time frame possible. In addition, the vast majority of executives placed by Providence are still employed with the same organization.

Our search process includes:

  • Working with senior leadership or hospital board of directors to determine search parameters.
  • Conducting multifaceted sourcing campaign aimed at generating qualified candidates in a timely manner.
  • Accessing an extensive network of highly qualified healthcare executives who will consider making a change for an exceptional opportunity.
  • Assisting with identifying and evaluating prospective candidates.
  • Performing a “pre-screening” questionnaire to eliminate marginal candidates which saves our clients time and money.
  • Assisting with negotiations and finalization of a contract.